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Outdoor wedding venue Scotland

Altskeith Country House is an outdoor wedding venue in Scotland. Holding your wedding outdoors Holding your wedding outdoors is an idyllic option for any wedding. Scotland have fairly relaxed rules about being married outside and that along with some of the most stunning scenery in 

Getting married in Scotland

Planning a destination wedding in Scotland Getting married in Scotland is one of the most idyllic options for any wedding. Planning a destination wedding in Scotland is such a romantic option. Whether it is an elopement or a larger wedding, you are planning to celebrate 

Tips for planning a summer wedding

Tips for planning a summer wedding

Tips for planning a summer wedding

Some of our favourites tips for planning a summer wedding are below and include: timings, food, drink, colour, decorations, atmosphere.

There are a number of things to consider when planning a summer wedding. 

  • Weather
  • Timings
  • Colours, decorations & themes
  • Flowers
  • Food & drink 
  • Entertainment
  • Atmosphere


The summer is the most popular season to be married. Outdoor wedding ceremonies are so popular and most couples ultimate wish is to be married outside.   The weather of course is a big influence and for most venues they will make the decision on the day itself. Having an alternative option is a wise move.

An outdoor wedding ceremony taking place at Altskeith Country House under the beech tree.
Outdoor wedding ceremony in the gardens at Altskeith Country House


Always consider holding your wedding ceremony well after the midday sun because it will be lower in the sky and less harsh.

If you wedding ceremony is going to be held outside consider some type of shade for your guests and in particular if hot weather is expected.

Offering your guests parasols, fans and heel stoppers for the outdoors, before the ceremony is a thoughtful gesture.

Bride and groom with their guests leaving their outdoor wedding ceremony.
Summer wedding at Altskeith Country House

Colour, decorations & themes

For a summer wedding your colours can range from bright and vibrant to cool and pastel shades as there are so many flowers in season.

Incorporating as much of your wedding day outdoors as possible will add to the relaxed, summer vibe for any wedding. From the drinks reception, group and family photographs, to cutting the cake, and if possible the meal or alternatively in a semi outdoor setting will provide a unique and memorable day for everyone.

Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake outside in the gardens of Altskeith Country House
Cutting the wedding cake outside

The outdoors can suit so many different style of themes for weddings including garden party, festivals, bohemian, rustic, formal and traditional. There are so many choices.

Bi-fold doors at the function room open awaiting the guests to come and enjoy their meal.
Bringing the outdoors inside – bi-ifold doors open onto the gardens.


A summer wedding can offer the choice of vibrant flowers or the contrasting pastel shades, it is such a personal choice. Summer is the perfect season with such a large variety and choice with so many in season. Wedding favourites like sunflowers, gerberas, roses, tulips, dahlias, gardenias, gypsophila, lilies, hydrangeas, daisies, orchids & chrysanthemums are always popular.

Choose flowers that will stay fresh throughout the entire day and do not wilt in the heat. Ask your venue to have vases with water on hand to revive the bouquets throughout the day so they can be used when not needed for the photographs.

The bride and groom with their wedding party having photographs taken in the gardens at Altskeith Country House
Summer flowers

Seasonal food & drink

For the drinks reception why not consider a summer style drink like Pimms or a gin with summer berries and lots of beers on ice.

Gin and tonic with a strawberry garnish lined up for guests during a drinks reception
Gin & tonic with strawberry garnish
Beers chilled on ice in the beer boat
Beer on ice

To keep your guests cool and refreshed consider serving them a range of light and refreshing snacks including fruit skewers, gazpacho, frozen cocktails, ice pops or ice cream.

Fish is a popular option during the summer months and offers a light and refreshing choice for your guests. Ideally served with bright and colourful salads.

Fish is a popular meal for weddings during summer months
Fish is a popular choice during the summer months

Any dessert served with berries is very popular choice. Meringue, fruit tarts, cheesecakes, ice creams are always popular options during the summer months.

Desserts light and refreshing with berries always popular in the summer months
Desserts light and refreshing – berries always popular

For the evening snack serving it outside in the late evening sun is a perfect idea. Our wood fired pizza oven is by far the most popular choice of evening snack.

Altskeith wood fired pizza oven
outdoor pizzas are a popular choice during the summer


To keep your guests entertained during the drinks reception and when the photographs are taking place why not offer garden games, a bouncy castle, a caricaturist, a magician or acoustic musicians. A nice way to keep your guests entertained.

Having blankets for your guests to sit out on the lawns for the more relaxed style wedding as well as ample comfortable outdoor seating.

Wedding guests cooling off on the beach at Altskeith Country House
Guests cooling off at the waterfront location of Altskeith Country House

Bride and groom enjoying their first dance on the beach
First dance on the beach

Top tips for planning a summer wedding

  1. If your ceremony is outside why not offer your guests fans, parasols and heel stoppers. They can also use them later in the day.
  2. Have iced water available for guests when they arrive and throughout the wedding day to keep them cool. Iced towels might be a nice touch in the afternoon sunshine.
  3. Make sure if you are having your own toiletries box, offer suntan protection, after sun and also bug repellent for your guests.
  4. Try and incorporate all your wedding photos outdoors. Natural light is the best.
  5. Plan your wedding ceremony well after the midday sun.
  6. Keep your wedding meal light and refreshing. Fish and salads are particularly popular during summer months. Ice cream and ice pops will be a big hit with your guests.
  7. For the drinks reception consider summer style drinks including Pimms, or a gin with strawberries as a garnish.
  8. Offer a variety of games and entertainment to keep your guests occupied in the garden/outdoors.
  9. Send out save the date well in advance. Summer months will be popular for your guests to book their own holidays. Giving them as much notice as possible gives them the chance to be there for your big day.
  10. When you are picking your dress consider the weather and temperature. Something cool and breathable will keep you comfortable throughout the day.
Bride and groom rowing on the Loch Ard at Altskeith Country House
Summer wedding on Loch Ard at Altskeith Country House

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