How to postpone a wedding during Coronavirus – A step by step guide

How to postpone a wedding during Coronavirus – A step by step guide

How to postpone a wedding

Having to considering postponing your wedding is not an ideal situation, but sometimes events are out of our control. The Coronavirus has had a dramatic effect on weddings already during 2020. We will take you through a step by step guide on how to postpone your wedding.

Deciding to postpone your wedding

  1. Talk to your partner about the options you want to consider if you think postponing your wedding will become a possibility.
  2. Draw a list of what is important to both of you, which includes what is non negotiable and must be part of your wedding day and what may not be as important. This can include guests, alternative time of year, day of the week, suppliers, person who marries you. Consider which guests over 70 years of age who may be shielding and you want to attend. Would you consider just the 2 of you and immediate family if the Government allowed gatherings of say no more than 10, 20 or 30 people? Do you have an international guests flying in from other countries? It may be that you have to consider moving your wedding to 2021 rather than later in 2020. Would you consider a small wedding ceremony on your original date and then re-arrange a party and larger celebration in 2021.

Your venue

  1. Speak to your wedding venue and ask them what they would be able to offer as alternative dates. Sometimes they may be able to make adjustments around you as they will be balancing a number of other events happening throughout the wedding season.
  2. Its really important to let your venue know what you would consider as every couple is different and telling your venue may allow them to suggest options you have no considered.
  3. Do you want to get married later in 2020 or move over to 2021?
  4. Ask them if they have any facilities to offer live streaming for guests who may be unable to attend.
  5. What would happen regarding minimum numbers?
  6. Check and see what happens to the payments you have made already towards your wedding not just with venue but other suppliers too.
  7. Consider what implications the Coronavirus would have on your wedding day ie social distancing etc,.

Your suppliers

  1. Speak to your suppliers and the person marrying you once you have an alternative date in mind and see if they are available on your new proposed date.
  2. Check if deposits will be carried forward to your new proposed date.
  3. Having a Plan B and alternative date gives you back control of a difficult situation.

The Registrar

Speak to the Registrar to find out if new paperwork would have to be resubmitted (if you have already submitted it) or confirm when the deadline would be to submit your paperwork for your new date.

Wedding Insurance

  1. Speak to your wedding insurance and check and see what they will cover should your wedding be postponed.
  2. Every wedding insurance company is different and it is important to read their small print.

Your guests

  1. Speak to your immediate family and essential guests and check out suitable alternatives and their availability.
  2. Although these are challenging times it is really important to consider you and your guests health and well being.

The situation with Covid 19 develops on a daily basis and when international guests are involved there is a lot to consider. When you feel there is no alternative but to change the date confirm this with the venue, suppliers and guests. Send out save the date for your new proposed date.

Be flexible

Please remember to be flexible. Your wedding may be booked for a Saturday during the summer of 2020. For 2021 your venue might have limited availability so you may have to consider a different day of the week or season.

Moving your date well in advance will give you time to refocus and starting planning towards your new date.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Alison Rios McCrone is the owner and organiser of events held at Altskeith Country House. She has organised hundreds of weddings over the last 9 years.