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Small and intimate weddings at Altskeith Country House

Small and intimate weddings Small and intimate weddings are a wonderful occasion and provide a relaxed and informal setting for any couple planning to get married. The benefits of holding your special day with your closest friends and family means that the whole day is 

Tips for planning a summer wedding

Tips for planning a summer wedding

Tips for planning a summer wedding Some of our favourites tips for planning a summer wedding are below and include: timings, food, drink, colour, decorations, atmosphere. There are a number of things to consider when planning a summer wedding.  Weather Timings Colours, decorations & themes 

Tips for Planning an Autumn Wedding

Tips for Planning an Autumn Wedding

Planning an autumn wedding

There are so many tips for planning an autumn wedding. We have highlighted some of our favourites below including: timings, food, drink, colour, decorations & atmosphere.

Autumn is a spectacular time of year.  The most rustic season with changing colours and leaves falling, covering the landscape.  Autumn scenery makes the perfect back drop for any wedding photographs.  Enhanced by the colours of autumn and also the lower light in the sky.

There are a number of things to consider when planning an autumn wedding.

  • Weather
  • Timings
  • Colours, decorations & themes
  • Flowers
  • Food & drink
  • Entertainment
  • Atmosphere


Outdoor wedding ceremonies are still possible during autumn in Scotland.  The main influence is of course the weather and for most venues they are likely unable to decide until the wedding day itself if the ceremony can be hosted outside. If you are happy to wait to decide on the day, it would also be wise to have a plan b option just in case.  For some couples they may choose to have their wedding ceremony inside as they prefer the certainty of knowing rather than waiting until the actual wedding day.

Outdoor wedding ceremony
Outdoor wedding ceremony during autumn


For autumn you have to consider the time for your ceremony. You should consider holding your wedding ceremony earlier in the day than you may consider for a summer wedding. This would allow you to hold your drinks reception during daylight hours and allow your photographer time to gather the formal and less formal photographs during natural light.

Wedding photographs captured in the garden during autumn
The bride and groom enjoying the autumn colours for their wedding photographs

Colour, decorations & themes

The colours of autumn are truly spectacular and with the sun lower in the sky natural light will be less harsh. The vibrant colours of autumn including golds, reds and oranges will create a spectacular backdrop for all your photographs.

Shrugs for bridesmaids and the bride during the drinks reception in a bright colour and bold outfits for the groom and his groomsmen.

To bring the outside in you could add leaves, pine cones, lanterns, or candles to your table decorations.

autumn confetti wedding
Flowers and outfits to show off autumn


Choosing flowers in complementary colours is the perfect way to tie everything together. Wildflowers will enhance the nature element of having an autumn theme. For some the more luxe and elegant, roses or tulips in deep reds, burgundies and oranges will also be beautiful.

Flowers for autumn wedding
Flowers for autumn wedding

Food & drink

Autumn showcases some of the best seasonal produce. Larders are packed with seasonal fruits, vegetables and drinks. In season fruit and vegetables include: apples, blackberries, butternut squash, brussel sprouts, cabbage (savoy & spring green) carrots, and cauliflower.

Consider warm and hearty soups, casseroles, roast meats and warm apple pies. For drinks, wine and beer, why not incorporate darker red wines and ales, these can also be added to casseroles to give a real depth of flavour. It might be useful to consider ciders.

Roast meats
Roast meats to share


Afternoon games to keep your guests, in particular children entertained. Think of lantern making and bobbing the apple if it is around halloween.

With nights drawing in earlier blankets available for guests to toast marshmallows or making s’mores and drinking hot chocolate over open fire pits with sparklers can show off autumn at its best.


Natural candle light used during the ceremony can capture a romantic tone. As the day moves to an earlier darker night, candles, fairy lights, outdoor lights and cosy warm fires, sparklers, both outside and indoors really helps to capture the moment.

Autumn wedding entertainment
sparklers, fire pits, lanterns

Top Tips for planning an autumn wedding

  1. Blankets for your guests for the ceremony and later in the day.
  2. Lots of candles during your wedding ceremony adds to the romance of the day.
  3. Shrugs for the bride and bridesmaids to keep them warm during the ceremony and outdoor photographs.
  4. Consider wellies and colourful umbrellas for your photos, red in particular is a vibrant colour and enhances photographs.
  5. Plan your wedding ceremony earlier than a summer wedding so you capture natural day light for your drinks reception.
  6. Incorporate seasonal produce in your menu and drinks. Try soups, roast meats with complimentary vegetables, warm pie desserts.
  7. For drinks deep red wines, ales, stouts and cider bring the autumn theme.
  8. Sparklers, fire pits, toasting marshmallows, making s’mores and drinking hot chocolate are great for evening entertainment.
  9. Seasonal flowers deep and rich in colour compliment the season.
  10. Consider using leaves, pine cones, cinnamon & spices as table decorations.

For more information about weddings held at Altskeith Country House please check out: www.altskeith.com/weddings

A quiet moment in the boat
Nicola & James having a quiet moment to each other on the Loch.